This part of the website is dedicated to my work as a composer.

Entertainment, Distraction, Stupidity and Boredom : these four keywords best summarize the way I work.

My idea of Entertainment refers to the process of keeping someone close with someone else (keep them together, create a community, create a culture) but also to the process of keeping someone inside somewhere (capture, restrain, trap). Entertainment works using Distraction, the process of pulling someone away from Boredom (the name I give to the realization of our mortality). Stupidity is the astonishment, amazement, dullness of someone caught in this circuit this word describes also the relation between users and technology.

The phrase "I like blood in my coffee" was generated by a MaxMSP patch I made to prepare the texts for Nightrun. The patch created cut-and-paste textual mashups, selecting quotations from the classic slasher movies of the 70s/80s. The logo represents a cup of coffee filled with blood, coupled with the "no trespassing" sign from the Ghostbusters merchandise visual theme.